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From the exotic Sumatran and Balinese islands of Indonesia, the romantic highlands of Yunnan province in China to the enchanting Cordillera Mountains of the Philippines, Asia produces some of the most extraordinary and aromatic coffee beans in the world.

MeDANO Coffee harvests the best coffee beans from Asia, meticulously roasts them to different degrees of perfection and presents them in a unique, contrasting way to our most discerning coffee connoisseurs. Be it the Sumatran Mandheling, Philippines Benguet or Chinese Yunnan, our coffees are grouped in their region of origin so that each cup of MeDANO coffee presents a distinctive charm to the drinker.

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We believe that good coffee need not be expensive. Our streamlined production and operation processes help to keep our costs low. Bringing the finest coffees to our customers through our MeDANO Online Store helps pass the cost savings to our customers. Hence, our corporate philosophy lies in our desire to provide our customers with the best and freshest coffee beans from Asia at the lowest possible price.


At MeDANO Coffee, our ultimate goal is to lead our customers through a coffee experience that journeys you through the exotic and enchanting world of Asia. Come join us in this odyssey and we are sure you will find something you will like.

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