About Us

Medano Coffee brings you Asia’s best coffee. We sell premium 100% Arabica coffee beans and Nespresso* compatible pods freshly packed in Singapore.

All our single-origin coffee is sourced from the most exquisite regions in Asia including Sumatra and Thailand. With an end-to-end control of our supply chain, we are able to ensure our coffee is of the highest quality.

What Makes Our Coffee Special?


1. Only the highest quality (AAA grade or equivalent) coffee beans are used. We know our farmers personally and conduct regular quality checks.

2. Our experienced roaster roasts each batch of coffee beans individually with a Probat machine to extract the best flavours from the beans.


3. Our Nespresso-compatible* pods are freshly ground and packed in Singapore, this guarantees their freshness and your safety.



We believe that coffee should be colourful, floral and full of flavours! Our mission is to give our drinkers a unique sensory experience with every cup of coffee.

From the earthy flavours of Toba reminiscent of the majestic Lake Toba, to the rich, complex taste of Mandheling that resonates with the beautiful Mandheling Highlands; we feel that each cup of coffee has its own story and imagery which we wish to share with you.


As an adventurous coffee startup proudly founded in Singapore since 2014, we have supplied our coffee beans and pods to many satisfied coffee drinkers and businesses. There is an increasing appreciation for Asian coffee all over the world, and we hope to bring the best coffee from Asia to all coffee lovers in Singapore.