Featured Coffee of the Week - Mandheling

Our next featured coffee for the week is Mandheling – which is grown between 2500-5000m above sea level in the Mandheling Highlands of North Sumatra. It is the named after the Mandheling ethnic group in Indonesia.

Mandheling is very popular among our customers due to its smooth, full-bodied taste which still maintains a complex flavour profile, highlighting subtle tones of sweet chocolate and liquorice. This makes it a great coffee to drink black as you can experience its full flavours with verylittle bitterness.

Mandheling coffee (4th from left) is found in many cafes & roasters in Japan!

Mandheling coffee (4th from left) is found in many cafes & roasters in Japan!

Being one of the most renowned specialty coffee in the world, Mandheling is very popular in Japan! You can find many cafes or roasters selling it there.

Legend has it that a Japanese soldier stationed in Sumatra asked a local where the coffee was from. The question was misunderstood by the local, who thought he was being asked about his origins, hence he replied ‘Mandheling’. After the war, the soldier missed drinking this delicious coffee and asked the coffee merchant in Indonesia to ship back 15 tons of Mandheling coffee. The name stuck as the coffee became very well-received in Japan.

Try out this smooth & full-bodied coffee appreciated by coffee connoisseurs all over the world. It's unique flavours and delicious taste is something that you won't forget!

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