New Coffee - Bintang

Our newest premium coffee, Bintang, originates from Tigapanah, Karo in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The single-origin, 100% Arabica coffee beans are processed naturally - the coffee cherries are laid out to fully dry in the sun before they are hulled.

This processing method highlights the fruity flavours of the coffee, resulting in tasting notes of grapepineapple and a winey aftertaste.

The beans are carefully roasted to achieve a full-bodied cup of coffee. We will recommend Bintang to adventurous coffee lovers who are interested in tasting the fruity flavours in coffee. Wine enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this coffee as well ;)

For a limited time only, we have an introductory 20% off all Bintang beans ($12.95 for 250g) and pods ($15.95 for 20 pods). Shop for your Bintang beans and pods now!

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