Ours is not the typical founders love coffee story. Our story begins with two bright young men, Wee Hao and Christopher, both graduates of the National University of Singapore, one with first class honours, decided that their respective careers at Citibank and JP Morgan were not challenging enough. They wanted to define the world instead of letting the rest of world define them.

A chance meeting got them together to talk about Wee Hao father’s fledging coffee business, a business founded upon his long love for coffee and the unyielding demand on quality from folks of his generation. Their entrepreneur spirit sparkled and ideas sprung and soon Wee Hao and Chris were talking about the creating a new coffee culture centred around the best coffee beans in Asia and the emergence of a new exciting wave of coffee culture based on the colours, flavours and personal choices - MEDANO COFFEE was thus born. 




Asian Flavor with a Artistic Touch.


Together with Yihan, a designer and marketeer of exceptional talent, and Chee Yong, the original founder, Medano Coffee is set to create a new wave of coffee culture. A culture based on the very best coffee beans from Asia, where the enjoyment of drinking coffee is not just  black and bitter but one that is colourful, floral and flavourful. A new culture where personal preferences are important and coffee lovers can make your own choices.

Medano Coffee, Coffee only from Asia. Not black and bitter but colourful, floral and full of flavours.