King Jantan - 20 Pods

King Jantan - 20 Pods


20 Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods / MADE FROM 100% ARABICA COFFEE BEANS

MEDIUM DARK | Floral  .  Spicy  .  Cocoa  .  Caramel 

King Jantan is the peaberry of the highest grade of Mandheling coffee, and Medano Coffee’s new premium product line launched in February 2017.

It is grown by the Karo Sekali family in North Sumatra, at a high altitude. With a higher density than a normal coffee bean, the King Jantan contains delightful floral, spicy, cocoa and caramel tasting notes.

King Jantan is grown at the altitude of 1400-1600 in Tanah Karo, desa Bertha, Kecamatan Tiga Panah, North Sumatra. The coffee is grown by Karo Sekali family. Coffee is processed with care, only red coffee cherry is used. Defects are carefully sorted out such that defects are close to zero.

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